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01:58pm 10/09/2003
04:27pm 17/06/2003
  what happened to all the posting, i want some action! i have no new pictures to post, but i have an excuse, no kissin until my baby gets back from iraq. but i expect ya'll to get to making out.

in the meantime, i'm going to tell a story. about how my computer desktop picture was shai and i kissing. now that i'm moved back in with my parents for the summer, my dad uses my computer often. so i realized after a couple days he might not be need to be looking at that picture. so instead i put up a pic i had of shai and i kissing, but her hand was in front of our face so you couldn't see our lips touching. i amuse myself.
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03:13am 04/06/2003
  i made this gift for my girlfriend.. and it's sort of.. kissing-ish.. but, here's a picture and lindsay- if you want to see your gift before you get it, go ahead.. otherwise, you'll get it when i see you. muah!

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mmm girls kissing 
02:11pm 03/06/2003

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01:40pm 03/06/2003
  this is an excellent community idea, oh yesss.

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Just a little viewing pleasure to start us off! 
11:18am 03/06/2003

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This is my ex-girlfriend and my current girlfriend. Have to love how much we all change, you can't even tell if I'm the same person in these two. ::smile::

Enjoy and post post post!